how to change your player:

cick apperance

and then:

you can chenge:

  • skin colour
  • face size
  • eye
  • eye brow
  • mouth
  • nose
  • hair colour
  • body size



friends ( to look your friend list )

mail ( message in ourworld )

chalange page

how to get job?

by click help wanted

buzz cafe at boardwalk

flo’s diner at electric avenue

cake mania at wonderland

1. how Do i get gems?

click free gems button

1. buy gems

or  with cell phone

be resident

if $5,99 you get 150 gems per month

if $49,99 you get 1800 gems ( like me lol )

or win daily jackpot

or any free gems:

if they level up 5x you get 5 gems

mean you get gems if they level 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100

( on setting )

( i never try that lolz but they work :) )


What’s the Marketplace?
It’s a new feature that lets Residents sell their cool and super rare items for Coins. For 1 Gem per item Residents can list up to 3 items for sale at a time. Anyone can buy from the Marketplace, but only Residents can sell there.

Where’s the Marketplace?
It’s super easy to get to! Just click on the ‘GO’ menu at the top-left of the screen and scroll down to ‘Shops.’.

You’ll see a big white box that says ‘Marketplace’ underneath the ‘Specialty’ section to the right. Click on that and you’re in the Marketplace and can start shopping!

How in the world do I use the Marketplace?
It’s super easy! There’re 2 ways to use the Marketplace. You can sell or you can buy.

To sell in the Marketplace you HAVE to be a Resident. You just click on your inventory, find the item you wanna sell and click on the ‘Sell’ button.

You’ll see two options. You want the option to the right that says ‘List this item in the Marketplace for 5 days.’

Just set the price you wanna sell your item for, and then click ‘List Now.’ It costs you 1 Gem per item to list in the Marketplace and you can list a total of 3 items at once.

Now just wait a few minutes for the ‘Success’ box…

And then within the next few minutes your item’s up in the Marketplace! Super easy!

To buy from the Marketplace you just click on the ‘GO’ menu at the top-left of the screen, scroll down to ‘Shops,’ and click on the ‘Marketplace’ box underneath the ‘Specialty’ section to the right. Now just start browsing. If you find something you want and the price is right just click on the item to pop down the details menu, and then click the ‘Buy’ button next to the one you want.

And then you’re the proud new owner of an awesome Marketplace item! The Marketplace items are Coin only so make sure you start saving up!

What’s this all mean?!
It means all you guys can now get your hands on some rare items! It also means you can try to get awesome items at cheap prices! But you gotta hunt for these deals so make sure you keep checking the Marketplace to see what new items are being listed every day!

How can Tourists enjoy the Beach?

While you have to be a Resident to enter a Beach alone, Tourists can still enjoy the Beach if grouped by a Resident.  If you know any Residents, ask them if they will take you to the Beach sometime.

Tourists can remain at the Beach for as long as they remain grouped with their Resident host and as long as the host remains at the beach as well.  If the group-link is broken or the Resident Host leave the Beach, the Tourist is immediately transported to the Boardwalk.

How do I get to my Condo?

Players can reach their Condos by clicking “GO” (in the upper-left corner of the screen) and selected “My Place” at the b ottom of the list.  That takes you directly to your Condo.

how to apps face book?

Here the rules


and then log in (if you not have face book you must click sing up)

and log in to your account

don’t make a new account!

how to send heart,gift,add friend,block and report?

if you wan send heart click a heart picture

if you wan to give a gift click a pink box

if you wan to send message click a envelope

if you wan to add friend click a +friend button

if you trouble with they click red button

if you wan report they click a button after red button

How do I buy/change hair?

You can find hair styles for sale in all the ourWorld ships, just like clothes.   Go to Threads, Blue Cow, or Sugar Star to find new styles. In each store hair is a selection like Jackets, Tops, Shoes, etc.

How do I make the emoticons / smileys?

Here are the ourWorld emoticons:


by: aini6991999 and zoe